Dino Crisis 2 Remake exists, but Capcom has nothing to do with it

Dino Crisis is one of those franchises that are regularly invoked by players, eager to see a remake sooner or later.

It doesn’t help that Capcom has gotten carried away with the remakes of Resident Evil, whose fourth chapter is imminent and you can already order it on Amazon.

A title that proves to be more and more promising with each of its appearances and which, also for this reason, makes Dino Crisis fans go wild even more.

And if Capcom doesn’t seem to want to know, the fans will think about producing remakes, or something very similar , with different objectives.

The latest in this case is the Dino Crisis 2 Rex-HD Project which, as the name suggests, aims to restore prestige to… Dino Crisis 2.

REX-HD Project is a texture mod remaster for the PC version of Dino Crisis 2, which aims to improve all textures faithful to the original, bringing out the details for higher resolutions.

The project is currently in progress, but you can already download the preview at this address while the package will be published in the coming months in an undefined period.

Since Capcom has been looking the other way for so long, this is at least a good way to get back to exploring the fascinating dinosaur survival game waiting for… something.

Curiously, in fact, some time ago it was Capcom who asked the fans if they wanted a remake of Dino Crisis, fueling the fury of the themselves after the umpteenth silence.

Which had already been fueled some time ago by the publication of the soundtracks of the first two chapters on Steam, a gesture that seemed almost a mockery at the time. strong >

At least the Japanese software house remembers to celebrate anniversaries because, if the remake doesn’t exist, at least birthdays should be celebrated.

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