Diablo Immortal reveals its next cards (but does not erase its worst flaw)

Diablo Immortal is one of the most talked about titles of recent months, primarily due to the fact that Blizzard would have filled the game with microtransactions , always frowned upon by players.

The series (of which you will find a very interesting artbook on Amazon ) has recently landed on mobile and PC with a spin-off of undoubted quality, but also with defects that are difficult to ignore.

Defects that have also led to a despicable review bombing against the title, again due to the microtransactions present within it.

In our review (in progress) we explained that Immortal is not everything to throw away, although there is still a long way to go. Now, in fact, Blizzard has revealed the cards relating to the future of its controversial chapter of Diablo .

As reported by GameSpot , the first and important update of the content of Diablo Immortal is truly imminent and will bring with it a new battle pass, raid boss Helliquary and the game’s first limited-time event.

Blizzard has revealed the news of its free-to-play in a new blog post that, in addition to outlining some of the new content arriving in the game as part of the second season, has tried to answer the concerns of the players regarding to game bugs and bot accounts .

However, no changes have been announced regarding the game’s controversial microtransactions, which have been the main topic of the game since its launch in early June.

The second season of Diablo Immortal kicks off on July 7 at 3 am , server local time. On that occasion, the Season 2 Battle Pass will be active, introducing new cosmetics and also various crafting materials that players will no doubt find useful.

Staying on the subject, the departure of Immortal was not at all bad as many would like to believe, as the game is proving to be a success beyond belief, with figures from dizziness.

But that’s not all: the game was also at the center of some bizarre protests by various players, very questionable.

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