Diablo Immortal, here we go again: a bug exasperates players

Diablo Immortal is a game that amiably continues to be talked about, unfortunately apparently also for the wrong reasons.

The Blizzard series (of which you can find a very interesting artbook on Amazon ) has in fact found its latest exponent on mobile and PC with a spin-off that certainly has made to discuss.

In our review, however, we explained to you that Immortal is not such a bad game, although there are still grounds for complaint.

Now, after reporting a few weeks ago a bug that caused on a rampage hundreds of players, it seems that the problems for the community did not end there.

As reported by PC Games N , in fact, a bug of Diablo Immortal is causing a reduction in the EXP earned during farming, perplexing quite a few players.

Reddit user ‘Staplepies’ claims to have been among the first players to reach Paragon level 150, analyzing the mysterious bug in detail after spending some time at understand the causes .

Staplepies has announced that the bug does not occur in a specific location, although Shassar Oasis has been analyzed, with the experience gained reduced compared to the base amount.

The bug can also affect orbs that fall randomly after defeating an enemy, considering that often these do not necessarily correspond to the actual values ​​given by the kill.

For this reason, the community is asking anyone with ideas or suggestions to help them discover the cause of this bug, while waiting for Blizzard to intervene .

Staying on the subject, a few weeks ago the game was also the focus of some bizarre protests by various players.

But that’s not all: after a long process, Diablo Immortal has finally landed in China, the market for which it was originally conceived, achieving great success.

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