Diablo III: Eternal Collection and Dark Souls: Digital Foundry shows how they turn on Switch in portable mode

If you’ve been wondering how Diablo III: Eternal Collection and Dark Souls go to their Nintendo Switch, Digital Foundry’s experts have made a video that might be right for you.

As for Dark Souls, in the laptop the game will run at 720p, while when the console is inserted in the base rises to 1080p. In any case, the frame rate is blocked on 30 fps. According to Digital Foundry the overall result is positive and the game “looks good”, even though they could only see some glimpses during Gamescom.

As for Diabo III, however, we speak of 720p in a portable version and 900p when the console is in the dock, while the frame rate is equal to 60 fps and quite stable.

You can see below the discussion of DF, pending further investigations dedicated to Dark Souls and Diablo 3 on the pages of Gameshift.

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