Diablo 4, the new teaser delivers an ominous warning

Even Diablo 4 has disappeared from the scene for a long time, and only rumors and indiscretions remain of him.

After the controversial third chapter which, between ups and downs, kept players company for a very long time with the definitive version that you find on Amazon, many are waiting for the return of the saga.

But there has been a lot of silence since his announcement if it weren’t for the many leaks, which have revealed many hours of gameplay in advance.

And while it is still not clear even when Diablo 4 will come out , with a launch window that seems to have even been postponed, Blizzard comes out with a new teaser.

The Diablo official Twitter account recently changed its profile picture and shared a new teaser, warning of the arrival of Lilith.

The timing with the arrival of the next The Game Awards 2022 is quite suspect, and it is legitimate to think that the two facts are connected.

“Lilith is coming” is the threat that is announced in the video. A rather disturbing teaser but, it must be said, perfectly in line with the tones of Diablo 4.

Many developers are announcing their presence at Geoff Keighley’s show, among the latest Electronic Arts and Larian with Star Wars Jedi Survivor and Baldur’s Gate 3, and also Blizzard could pop in with his title.

Diablo 4 is one of the titles that according to many insiders would appear at The Game Awards 2022, and now it seems that the speculation is not entirely far-fetched.

A few months ago, among other things, Blizzard had started sending invitations to selected players to participate in a limited test session of the title, moreover under NDA, from which the aforementioned emerged leak.

It is almost time for the start of The Game Awards 2022, a show that for once will last less than other years and will be more concentrated in the announcements and prizes that will be shown.

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