Developer bewitched by the graphic rendering of the textures on PlayStation 5

While enthusiasts and experts are waiting for official details regarding the hardware specifications of PlayStation 5 , Luca Dalco has thought about putting further pepper at the head of the LKA software house, currently working on the horror game Martha is Dead and former author of The Town of Light .

To the microphones of Official PlayStation Magazine UK , Dalco explained that he was particularly impressed by the ability of PS5 to manage texture upscaling , with a texel density which he thought was incredible. In simple terms, let’s talk about the minimum unit of texture composition, which are those two-dimensional images, if we want to define them, which are applied to one or more facades of the shapes that make up the objects in a video game.

As explained by Dalco:

The PS5 specifications are so exciting, especially the additional graphics power and the inclusion of the ray-tracing architecture. Our studio has come a long way over the course of four years, and Martha is Dead will aim for photorealism. We are really looking forward to seeing the next generation hardware coming to support the arrival of our visions to the players.

We have worked hard to use the highest resolution textures possible even on PS4 . However, PS5 allows you to get to an incredible texel density, I’m talking about 4096px / m – this means that the graphics will be perfectly detailed, even at the highest resolutions. For me it is one of the most anticipated steps forward from a graphic point of view.

Obviously, the fact that the console is able to manage higher resolution assets – and therefore heavier – will be supported by the SSD storage medium , which will make access to file: “high-quality assets are obviously more generous in size, so we will benefit from faster loading times” added the developer.

Finally, Dalco also spoke of ray-tracing , stating that «it is an incredible technology for independent studies, it allows games to reach new levels of realism without the need to have big teams behind them. »

We remind you that, in recent days, further rumors have spread about two possible variants of PS5 – a standard and an enhanced (and more expensive) one. For the moment, Sony has only confirmed that it will focus on 8K, that the console will be backwards compatible with PS4 and that, thanks to the SSD support, we will be able to say goodbye to the loading times. We also know that the controller, presumably DualShock 5, will offer more precise triggers and a new haptic function that goes beyond traditional vibration.

The arrival of the next-gen console is expected by the end of 2020.

Source: Official PlayStation Magazine UK | VIA: PSU

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