Death Stranding, player ignores the stealth approach (and performs a feat)

In just over a month it will be possible to immerse yourself again in the challenging feats of Sam Porter Bridges thanks to Death Stranding Director’s Cut , coming to PS5 on September 24.

The new version will be accompanied by additional content and a general optimization (due to the PS5’s next-gen features) of what was seen in the original release.

Ahead of next month, players continue to explore the post-apocalyptic America created by Hideo Kojima, and someone has even found a reference to Ghost of Tsushima , also expected in version Director’s Cut on August 20.

But not all ways of approaching adventure have noble intentions in common, and a fan inclined to explore forbidden places got really hurt trying to accomplish a feat .

The game has been able to gain many fans, also thanks to the undeniable charm of the narrative and the depth of all the characters (including the minor ones), but the fights have made many turn up their noses since launch.

Indeed, encounters with Homo Gestalt are never particularly challenging (but something could change in Director’s Cut ) and the game invites us to avoid them as much as as much as possible.

A Reddit user refused to follow this advice and decided to raid enemy territory without any precaution or planning.

Arriving on the spot with a Bridges armored car in an attempt to recover the contents of a locker (probably a load that had been stolen shortly before), the gamer decided not to spare himself.

Pushing at full speed towards the center of the opponents’ camp, he parked the vehicle exactly next to the capsule and got off without paying any attention to the Homo Gestalt.

You can appreciate the result of this sort of raptus in the video below:

When the stealth part of the mission is optional. from DeathStranding

Not satisfied with being able to get to the locker without taking damage , the player also tried to open it, before being attacked by some enemies.

After defeating them with some ease, he continued once again (this time undisturbed ) with the break-in procedure in an attempt to recover the lost content .

The game allows us to move forward with a free approach and manage deliveries as we please, but at the same time is full of consistent details like the one related to Sam’s ear.

If you are looking forward to Director’s Cut , from now on you will have one more reason to do so: the new version will have the merit of expanding a fundamental feature of the experience.

Another feature ready to make its contribution for the occasion was unveiled by Hideo Kojima himself, once again via an inevitable tweet.

If you love Hideo Kojima’s touch and haven’t yet pre-ordered Death Stranding Director’s Cut , you can do so by taking advantage of Amazon’s offer.

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