Death Stranding, patch 1.10 removes the animation of the encounters with the CAs

A new patch is available for Death Stranding , as revealed by Kojima Productions on Twitter.

The Japanese company has made an update that has brought the exclusive PlayStation 4 to version 1.10 and introduced an improvement oriented to the quality of life on the game.

“There is an update for Death Stranding launched today!”, reads the chirping of the Japanese software house led by designer and director Hideo Kojima.

“The update allows you to change the settings to not have the effect every time when you meet the CA “, still reports the tweet, in a not too clear way we would dare say.

What Kojima Productions means is that disabling this option it is now possible not to see the zoom with a slow motion on the activation of the Odradek for every encounter with the Arenate Creatures.

A small change, completely optional, which allows players to long course on Death Stranding to skip a now obvious passage.

About discounted passages, we talked before about PS4 exclusive but we know well that in rea lt the privileged relationship with the Sony console will end in the summer, when the title will also be released for PC.

Kojima is meanwhile working on the next stage of his career, with a series of projects in both large and small construction sites and a game apparently already more concrete than expected.

In addition, the latest rumors have connected the Japanese developer to the former owner Konami again, with the possibility of working again on the Silent series Hill.

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