Death Stranding 2 is giving a little free gift to PS4 and PS5 players

The new game by Hideo Kojima, namely Death Stranding 2, or DS2 (working title), is still a long way off, but now it’s time for a small but welcome giveaway for PlayStation gamers.

The sequel to the masterpiece released on PS4 and PS5, which you can find on Amazon at a low price, showed itself during The Game Awards 2022, leaving everyone speechless.

The game promises to be surprising – as anticipated by the first official trailer – although it has definitely disappeared from the radar for several weeks now.

Now, after Kojima revealed that DS2 registrations have just begun, the Japanese team has decided to offer themed free avatars for PS4 and PS5 users.

As also reported by Push Square, in fact, Kojima Productions has recently released a package of free avatars to, so to speak, whet your appetite.

Redeeming the code gives you four different profile pictures, each of which depicts a BB Pod with a different number of tentacles inside. Adorable (and creepy), no doubt about it.

Just below, the tweet confirming the news, while the redeemable code for the European market is as follows:  EHNA-6MNB-PGL5.

At the time of writing, not much is known yet about the sequel to the game set up by Kojima Productions: a few weeks ago the importance of Elle Fanning’s role in Death Stranding 2 was revealed, making everything even more intriguing.

We also remind you that DS2 is in any case under active development exclusively for PlayStation 5 consoles, given that other versions are not currently planned ( besides the fact that the game could come out as early as 2024).

Finally, our editor-in-chief Stefania Sperandio recently explained to us everything (really everything) we know about Death Stranding 2, thus fueling all the suggestive theories behind the next one big by Kojima.

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