Days Gone free has allowed fans to really enjoy it again

Days Gone is experiencing something of an unexpected surge in popularity and for fans hoping for a sequel, many are hoping that Sony take note of this.

The launch of the game (you can find it at a pretty good price on Amazon) was moderately received by critics and the public, but over the months the open world had managed to find a loyal community.

Many thought Days Gone was panned by critics, but it actually received a score of 71 on Metacritic, which certainly isn’t as high as the developers imagine they hoped, but it’s not terrible either, although the results weren’t enough to convince Sony to finance a sequel, instead preferring to redirect Bend Studio to develop a new IP.

Unfortunately, Sony has canceled plans for a Days Gone 2 due to the poor commercial reception of the title, despite having sold the same number of copies as Ghost of Tsushima, net of petitions. However, some American fans have discovered – or rediscovered – how good Days Gone is thanks to its inclusion in the catalog of the PlayStation Plus Collection (which will soon disappear).

As also reported by Gaming Bible, many are re-appreciating the adventure of Deacon StJohn: Reddit user WutsTheScoreHere wrote: “Who else is playing Days Gone for the first time on PS5 through the PlayStation catalog? I’m shocked how much I’m enjoying this game. I had read all the reviews when it first came out and people seemed to enjoy panning it.”

“Now, I am well aware that the game I am playing now is not the one being reviewed critical acclaim and that Days Gone was a bug-ridden abysmal mess when it came out. […] For now it’s a really good game. Gorgeous graphics for a PS4 game, impressive environments, punchy combat, decent enough stealth. It made me want to find something new that attracted me after my last game of The Last of Us Part II», he continued.

The user concluded by saying: «If you’ve never played it before and have been putting it off due to its reputation for being a sub-level Sony exclusive, it might be time to give it a try. a chance. You may be surprised, as I was».

Many agree with the initial post: EarthInfern0 wrote: «I started it on PS5 because I had it in the catalog and loved it. One of my favorite titles recently, the characters really got under my skin. Honestly one of my best gaming experiences in recent years, perhaps because I had no expectations», while SYNYST3R1 added: «It is an extremely underrated game. I recently went platinum and really enjoyed it.”

At the moment we don’t know what Bend Studio is working on: it is rumored that the team is currently working on a new chapter of Uncharted, which would still be excellent news.

But that’s not all: it seems that a film dedicated to the game in question is already in production and that the main actor for Deacon has already been chosen.

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