Cyberpunk 2077 refunds, Sony irritated by CD Projekt policies?

Carrying out a lengthy investigation into the Cyberpunk 2077 case, Vice reporter Patrick Klepek noted a change in the language of CD Projekt RED a about refunds which would betray some irritation on Sony’s part.

As you know, Sony does not have a very consumer-friendly policy regarding refunds , only granting them with titles that are clearly deemed “faulty” , or broken, and not playable nor in the process of being repaired through a patch program.

A somewhat labile definition, in which Cyberpunk 2077 returned for a few days – when, in fact, the refunds were accepted – but from which it left at the moment where CD Projekt RED has unveiled its update roadmap (one hotfix per day, a first patch in January and a second in February).

Users who requested reimbursement through the Help address of CD Projekt RED have now received this last communication:

As Klepek points out, the language has changed since the first mention of refunds: «no longer says to request a refund from Sony. You have to wait. ” On the contrary, on Xbox the situation remains unchanged, with Microsoft willing to accept refund requests (perhaps aware that the bulk of the problems are occurring on PlayStation).

“Reading between the lines, you might imagine Sony getting irritated by CD Projekt RED for sending them angry customers , who then got angry at Sony for their overly restrictive refund policies” , suggests the journalist, who intercepted the feelings of fans immediately after the promise of refunds to be requested directly from individual digital and physical stores.

Curiously, he continues, “most of the people I spoke to about my report expressed frustration with Sony, suggesting that the trick worked “.

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In short, there would be a blame game through which CD Projekt RED would be buying time or, thinking badly, wanted to test the waters with Sony to understand how large the portion of responsibility could be that the Japanese platform owner could take.

Having found a wall raised by the console manufacturer, the software house would only then have softened its language while waiting to find a solution to the problem.

Publicly, however, CDPR has expressed an important assumption of responsibility to “exonerate” Sony and Microsoft, and in particular their certification processes, which had only trusted the developer when he had guaranteed that the console versions would be ok in time for day one.

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