Cyberpunk 2077, announced Phantom Liberty, the first expansion: there is a date

During the last Night City Wire , CD Projekt Red unveiled the first expansion of Cyberpunk 2077 , named Phantom Liberty .

The controversial science fiction title, which you can find on Amazon, is therefore preparing for its new course also with unpublished content.

All while the Polish studio also lost one of its most important members, who leaves CD Projekt Red after many years.

In any case, the promise has been kept, because in the last Night City Wire we have actually started talking about the new expansions.

The first expansion of Cyberpunk 2077 , with new story content that will expand the story of the original game, is called Phantom Liberty.

The DLC will also see the return of Johnny Silverhand , in the immortal role of Keanu Reeves, along with new characters and areas to explore.

Here’s the teaser trailer for the expansion that will be available in 2023:

A new cast of characters will be introduced in Phantom Liberty, with which V will come into contact within a new location within Night City.

The DLC is currently only planned for PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox Series X | S and Stadia , while old-gen consoles will remain dry.

At the same time, Cyberpunk 2077 is already updated with update 1.6 , known as Edgerunners update , also active on old consoles -gen.

L’aggiornamento Edgerunners, ovviamente ispirato alla next Netflix series , introduces equippable items from the anime into the game. Players will have the opportunity to wear the jacket worn by David Martinez, the protagonist of the anime, and to brandish a rifle used by another character in the series.

Oltre agli oggetti ispirati a Edgerunners, the update also introduces a number of features to the game, including a sis clothing transmog theme , cross-platform progression, playable arcade cabinets of the Roach Race minigame and much more.

As mentioned a few hours ago, the 1.6 update will not introduce, at least for now, any New Game Plus modes to the game.

While waiting for more precise details on the plot of Phantom Liberty , it seems that the leaks from some time ago were pointing in this direction.

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