Crash Team Rumble is already saying goodbye after less than a year

The most veteran players will certainly remember not only the origins of the Crash Bandicoot saga, but also the peculiarity of Crash Bash, which shuffled the cards to propose a party game and multiplayer challenges that could entertain or interrupt friendships.\r\nThat spirit he’s been more or less (more less than more, if you’ll excuse the tongue twister) since the recent Crash Team Rumble. But, as happens more and more often for games that are proposed as live services and which should first of all tear players away from the time they already dedicate to other titles of that nature, things did not go well.\r\nNot randomly, in fact, logging into the game now displays a message announcing the end of support. Considering that it made its debut in June 2023, and that March 4, 2024 there will be the last update for new content on Crash Team Rumble, we are talking about support that lasted less than a year.\r\nIn the message we read:\r \n\r\n«On March 4th we will have the latest content update for Crash Team Rumble.\r\nThe core of the game will remain live and players will continue to have access to the free 500-tier battle pass which includes 104 new items . This will include all Battlepass content from Seasons 1 through 3, as well as all available event rewards.\r\nIn addition, Crash Coin purchases will be disabled and players will be able to use their existing Crash Coins to purchase jumps of tiers for their Battlepass”.\r\n\r\n\r\nMicrotransactions are therefore also deactivated, while those who have already purchased the virtual currency will be able to use it to buy what remains to be purchased (i.e. tier jumps, as said in the official note).\r\nCertainly, the news is linked to the farewell of Toys for Bob, which just in recent days had made its farewell to Activision Blizzard official, becoming independent. The team was also the author of Crash Team Rumble, and evidently by virtue of the results of the game and/or the decisions of the publisher, the path led to the decline of the live service rather than to other solutions that would have allowed it to extend its life.\r \nCrash Team Rumble is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S.

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