Counter-order: The Outer Worlds will also be optimized on PS4 Pro

Contrary to what has been leaked in the past few hours, The Outer Worlds will be optimized not only for Xbox One X but also for PlayStation 4 Pro.

The Private Division publisher has made it clear on the subject with the tweet you can see below, explaining that the PS4 Pro version will scale to 4K starting from a native resolution of 1440p.

“It looks great on all platforms and we are excited to see players try The Outer Worlds on October 25 “, reads the tweet of the publisher.

An intervention that was very necessary as it was raised the suspicion that behind the absence of an enhancement for PS4 Pro could be the hand of Microsoft, owner of Obsidian.

Obviously, instead, we are talking about a difference linked to the maximum performances guaranteed by the two platforms, with Xbox One X, which will have a small advantage due to its greater computing power than its mid-gen competitor .

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