Could Star Fox become an animated film?

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was highly praised by Star Wars fans, giving the writer Gary Whitta a decent following.

Many are wondering what Whitta will do in the future, although now it seems that the possibility has opened up that he could devote himself to the animated film of Star Fox .

A few days ago the artistic director of God of War Raf Grassetti paid tribute to the Nintendo series with various artwork dedicated to the so-called Star Fox Team. Those tributes drew the attention of Whitta, who made it known on Twitter that he would like to write the animated film based precisely on the characters with the style of the representations of Grassetti.

It also seems that Grassetti likes the idea and even a lot, although without Nintendo’s final ok the project will not be able to see the light so easily. We just have to cross our fingers.

Would you like to see an animated film based on Fox MCCloud and associates? Let us know in the comments!


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