Concrete Genie talks about the power of creativity, the authors explain

At the The Game Awards of last Friday, the magazine The Hollywood Reporter interviewed some developers on the red carpet, chatting with them about the projects that brought them to attend the gala evening. In the case of PixelOpus , the nominated project was obviously Concrete Genie , which competed for the best game for social change, then went to GRIS .

With regard to the game, the creative director Dominic Robiliard spoke about the philosophy that moved his creation, with authors who wanted to enhance creativity and the ability to express themselves of the players.

In the words of Robiliard:

The games we make must have a message, and one of the things we wanted to address was the power of creativity, of expressing oneself. We have been working for several years trying to figure out how to make the player feel like an artist – but you don’t need to have an artistic talent to play our game.

As we told you in our review, the operation was successful and Concrete Genie undoubtedly has so much personality and interesting things to say.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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