Closes another shooter: from April away from the stores and stop sales

It’s not an easy time for live service games. Recently, in fact, we have witnessed many closures, which denounce how a saturated market makes it very difficult to succeed in the long term – which is, instead, what the so-called game as a service, who would like to keep the audience engaged for a long time with updates and new content.

Now we know that this will no longer be the case with Lemnis Gate, which evidently failed in its intent. Indeed, in these hours, the publisher Frontier Foundry has confirmed that the game will soon be removed from the stores and its servers will close in the coming months, saying goodbye so the gamers who had approached this arena shooter.

As we read in the note released on Steam:

“We wanted to thank everyone for your support of Lemnis Gate,because you’ve joined us for so many rounds in the loop.

It’s been great to see your passion for the game, the incredible strategies you’ve created, and how you’ve decided to embrace this innovative approach to the FPS genre.”

Lemnis Gate will close permanently in July

The affection, however, does not seem to have been enough, considering that the note goes like this:

«Lemnis Gate was an ambitious project that we had the privilege to bring to life together, so it is with sadness that we share this news today.

Starting April 11, 2023, Lemnis Gate will be removed from sale on all platforms. However, we will keep the multiplayer servers online, so you can continue to dive into the loop, until July 11, 2023. At that point, they will be closed.

Console players will still be able to access training modes and local multiplayer, while PC players will no longer be able to play from that point on.

We wanted to thank everyone, again, for your support and for joining us on this journey.”

Launched in September 2021 on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, Lemnis Gate was structured as a first-person arena shooter, which put you in the center of a time loop – very fashionable at the time , as you will recall.

Its mechanics were defined as “four-dimensional”, because players also had the possibility of distort time in their favor. This peculiarity, unfortunately, has not earned him a long life.

We recently discussed the many live services that made it to the end credits: even think of the mobile version of Apex Legends, which failed to establish itself as the main counterpart, or the incomprehensible Final Fantasy VII battle royale.

And, in an increasingly saturated market, where even the big publishers are struggling to impose their creatures, it remains to be seen whether in the future there will be other games capable of truly involving in the long run, undermining evergreen sacred monsters that in theory they should “steal” loyal players.

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