Classic unplayable games on PS3 and Vita and no one knows why

In a period in which the digital market is renewed and in which the new version of PlayStation Plus is born (you can subscribe to the current service through Amazon), there are those who have made a destabilizing discovery.

The debate has been going on for some time now between those who prefer the physical versions of the games and those who decide to save time and space in their rooms by buying the titles directly in their digital version.

Many of the supporters of the first thought are also passionate collectors, others are only fond of the material value of the object that you take home.

Now it seems that some users have run into a very serious problem, which prevents them from starting their own digital copies of some console games like PS3 and PS Vita.

As we can read via VGC, multiple players have reported that they cannot launch their PSOne Classic version of Chrono Cross as this appears to have expired decades ago .

All this also coincides with the release of the new Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition , of which you can consult our review at this link, but there is evidence that the problem is not related only to this single game.

On Reddit, a user reported that his entire library of PS Vita titles is currently out of date, impossible to start and therefore unable to play.

It is not clear what could be causing the problem, nor whether it will be fixed soon or not.

But we certainly understand the frustration of those who found themselves unable to launch their own digital versions of the titles in question.

In the meantime, to stay on the subject, know that PlayStation Plus is giving you a completely free bonus, and that the new April free games from the Sony service are already available.

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