Children and video games: many parents admit they do not control what their children are playing

According to a study done in Britain by Child Care, there are many relatives who do not give any supervision to video games that play their children.
The survey, conducted on more than 2,000 parents, reveals that they are more than half those who allow their children to play titles that would be intended for an audience of adults – both for lack of control, and because it is not aware of their contents, and therefore no indicative tools like PEGI, ESRB and similar are known.

We also learn that 86% of respondents say they do not follow the indications for the ideal age of use of a video game, while in the case of cinema only 23% ignore the age restrictions imposed on the film.

The study also states that 43% of parents believe that their son has had a negative change in his behavior since he plays adult titles, with 22% speaking specifically of a use of offensive or vulgar language that before these game sessions had not detected in their children.

The statistics from the study also explain that 86% of parents interviewed do not believe that video games can alter the vision of life or the behavior of their children. But 62% also reported that when they tried to steal their videogames from their children, they had to give them back soon because they were too capricious, and 48% think their son could be addicted to video games.

The data collected are based on a 72% sample consisting of mothers of children between the ages of 5 and 16. The children were in 53% of the male cases and 47% females.

How do you behave with your children, or how do your parents behave with you? Do you usually take into account the indications of PEGI?

Source:, ChildCare

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