CBC cuts the Trump scene from Mom I flew the plane

Christmas always carries constants: celebratory lights, possibly gifts, maybe dinners with loved ones, An armchair for two and, very often, also Mum I lost plane . Or, as in this case, Mum I shot the plane , the sequel set in New York starring the young and enterprising Kevin.

Well, in these hours in the United States and Canada a new controversy has arisen related to the famous Christmas themed film: the Canadian broadcaster CBC has in fact broadcast yet another replica of the great classic for the whole family, but deciding to cut the scene in which Donald Trump , the current President of the United States (who is experiencing a politically troubled period) appears in a cameo, interacting with the protagonist.

Not even to say , the decision resulted in a real and torcid policy, between those who shout at censorship and those who believe that CBC did well to overshadow Trump. Asked about it, the broadcaster explained to ComicBook that he had cut the scene because «as often happens with films adapted for television, we cut Mum I swam the plane to allow make it fit into the commercial times of the format. » In simple terms, the cut would have been necessary to bring the film back into television times.

Response that has ignited the minds of those who believe that it was a deliberate” censorship “. In short, the debate is destined to continue – the hope is that you will not go too far and remember that, at least in theory, we should all be better at Christmas.

Source: The Post Millennial

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