Castlevania really resurrects (but not on the consoles you think)

Castlevania , together with those of Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid , is part of the dormant sagas of Konami , waiting for better times.

In fact, the reboot by MercurySteam, three games that can bring the franchise back into vogue, but not in the hoped-for ways, did little.

In April, a report hinted that new games dedicated to the Belmont family of vampire hunters were currently in the pipeline, although nothing is official.

It is also true that the prototype of Castlevania Resurrection – title of the saga for SEGA Dreamcast never born – was released online, allowing fans to play it for the first time totally free.

Apparently, now there is something new of some weight: Konami has announced that Castlevania Grimoire of Souls – a title released for iOS and Android – will also arrive soon on Apple Arcade , at a later date.

The game was “closed” in September last year, although it is now set to resurrect with a brand new version (via Gematsu ).

Presented in 2018 and published in a small number of countries (excluding Italy), Castlevania Grimoire of Souls will live a real “second life” on Apple Arcade, the subscription service on which it is also expected Fantasian Part 2 , from the creator of Final Fantasy .

The protagonist of the game is Alucard , called to fight against new and fearsome opponents. The game, which incorporates the classic scrolling mechanics of the franchise, features historical characters such as Simon Belmont, Shanoa, Maria and Charlotte .

The icing on the cake, the game puts on the plate the character design of Ayami Kojima and the soundtrack of Michiru Yamane .

We remind you in any case that the Belmont are back in action on Netflix, in the fourth season of the animated show dedicated to Castlevania .

If you are a lover of the Konami saga, check out The Last Faith , a title that also winks at the beloved Bloodborne .

Finally, did you read that Konami presented the news related to Silent Hill (or rather, to the official merchandise)?

While waiting for the good new Konami side, you can recover Silent Hill HD Collection at the best price on Amazon.

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