Call of Duty will not skip 2023, there is a hint for the new chapter

Despite everything, Call of Duty will be released once again in 2023 with an unreleased chapter, according to a report.

After Modern Warfare 2 (you can find it on Amazon), Activision seems to return to undermine the annual market with an episode of the multi-million dollar franchise.

There has been a lot of talk about the 2023 Call of Duty in recent months, but obviously always with various indiscretions and rumors.

And while a few weeks ago the game seemed to be even a DLC of Modern Warfare 2, now very different information emerges.

As Games Industry reports, in fact, not only will Call of Duty return in 2023, but apparently it will be a game complete and unedited.

In February last year, in fact, it was reported that in 2023 there would be no episode, while Activision Blizzard would have taken the time to rethink its approach to the series.

But some Bloomberg sources report different details, because in the fall of 2023 Call of Duty could return with a completely unedited episode. The release was originally intended to be heavily tied to Modern Warfare 2, but plans have changed.

Activision would seem to want to return to annual releases, therefore, despite the initial idea of ​​wanting to give the franchise a breather with more cadenced releases over time.

The title should bring with it the maps and multiplayer modes from Modern Warfare 2 in any case, but these plans could obviously change before launch. For the title which, always according to the sources, will be developed by Sledgehammer Games.

And who knows if this is not the first Call of Duty to arrive on Nintendo Switch, in the historic agreement signed between Activision, Xbox and Nintendo a few days ago.

A franchise that was also granted to Nvidia with its streaming service, in another really important agreement.

In the meantime, Activision Blizzard is putting its weight in the fight between Microsoft against Sony, launching very strong statements against the Japanese company.

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