Call of Duty will continue to come out on PlayStation “as long as it makes sense” for Xbox

The deal between Activision Blizzard and Xbox has suffered a big slowdown mainly due to the state to be clarified on the rights of Call of Duty , a franchise deemed by regulators too important to be potentially excluded from Sony home consoles.

The shooter saga is in fact one of the most popular videogame brands in the world , as demonstrated also by the success of the very recent COD Modern Warfare 2 (you can find it on Amazon). for which Sony has expressed great concern about the conclusion of the deal.

According to Sony, Microsoft had offered to guarantee the arrival of Call of Duty on PlayStation at least for another 2 or 3 years after the conclusion of the ‘agreement already in progress: a solution defined as “ unacceptable ” by the company, and precisely the status of potential exclusive is one of the elements that led to the temporary stop by the CMA.

In a long interview granted to WSJ Live (via TweakTown ), Phil Spencer wanted to clarify once again that it is not Xbox’s intention to remove Call of Duty from PlayStation , without communicating any time constraints but with a a statement that left fans with many doubts.

The Xbox boss said that if the deal were to actually go through, PlayStation and Call of Duty would change absolutely nothing , unless there is no unexpected and unexpected change:

«Our plan is to make Call of Duty available on PlayStation… […] But when I think about our plans, I’d like to see it on Switch, I’d like to see it playable on many different screens.

This franchise will continue to launch natively on PlayStation. It is not a plan that provides a “bait and switch” to force us to play in the cloud, or that involves removing the titles in two or three years ».

Declarations confirming the willingness, declared several times by Phil Spencer and the Xbox group, to continue to support PlayStation, only to let slip a statement that raised more than a few doubts:

«Our intention is to continue launching Call of Duty on PlayStation as long as it makes sense . Until… at some point technology is always in transition ».

The legitimate question that many fans have asked themselves is therefore: « When wouldn’t it make sense to have Call of Duty on PlayStation? ». It is difficult to give you an answer to this question today, but it is possible that it is a diplomatic answer to keep all the doors open to the future of the saga: a statement that would seem destined to reinforce the concerns of Sony and its respective fans again. .

We will see how the situation will evolve, also in view of the long wait necessary to receive the ok to finalize the Activision Blizzard and Xbox deal. In the meantime, we remind you that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is already available, with a great return that will delight the most nostalgic fans.

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