Call of Duty: Warzone, streamer pays mariachis to play for every victory

Following the announcement of Modern Warfare 2 , the Call of Duty franchise is back on everyone’s lips, but of course it never stopped entertaining legions of players around the world.

In fact, there are many people who continue to have fun with Call of Duty: Warzone (whose merchandise you can find on Amazon), the free-to-play battle royale that has established itself in recent years.

Even if the game doesn’t seem to be experiencing a particularly brilliant moment, due to a large loss of players over the months, Warzone continues to play its part, and to be the protagonist of the game sessions of many streamers .

One of these has become the protagonist of a rather bizarre, but tremendously interesting (and funny) story.

Let’s talk about the Facebook streamer named Rexzilla , who gave him a particularly festive look at the Cinco de Mayo. The player has in fact paid a band of mariachi , typical musical groups from Mexico, to celebrate with songs and cheerful melodies each of his victories on Call of Duty Warzone .

A clip was shared on Twitter, in which we see the group of musicians starting to play to the success of the streamer, who in turn responds with small celebratory dances.

A situation that is unbelievable, but certainly does not fail to elicit some amused laughs.

Also, if you are a PlayStation player, and are a PS Plus subscriber, you can redeem a variety of freebies and bonuses in Warzone totally free of charge.

Not to mention that the arrival of Season 3 Classifide Arms has just been confirmed, which will introduce many welcome changes to Activision’s battle royale, such as new maps, weapons and a highly anticipated new event.

In conclusion, one of the most beloved chapters of the Call of Duty franchise could apparently arrive on the Nintendo Switch.

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