Call of Duty Warzone, new bug “prank” players (and there are sizes)

Season 4 of Call of Duty Warzone has been available since last week, and has brought with it a long series of new features (including a new bug ).

The battle royale that runs alongside Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is no stranger to such episodes, some of which have often given players a lot of trouble.

In recent days Raven Software had intervened quickly to solve a problem related to a “lethal” door, capable of instantly killing users.

Following the expected debut of the fourth season, a sudden update was released, responsible for introducing more new entries in the free-to-play.

Now the players are experiencing a new bug , which makes it seem impossible to redeem the rewards related to the completion of the Contracts.

Specifically, it is a series of problems related to Bounties , which require you to track down and eliminate an opponent on the map.

These are well-paid objectives, often reserving a series of tips for Call of Duty Warzone users, relating to the location (not precise, of course) of the team or the single enemy to be neutralized.

Suddenly, it seems that the completion of the mission is not recognized as such even after getting the better of the opponents, making it impossible to claim the rewards (via GameRant ).

Furthermore, if you consult the map after the kills, the enemies would be still alive , albeit outside the game area, or in the Gulag .

In a nutshell, this annoying bug does not allow the winners to collect the promised salary in any way, leaving them dry-mouthed and with no possibility of remedying .

This is not the best way to go into Season 4, despite the resolution of another problem that had caused a lot of headaches for players.

In recent days, some lag has also been encountered, probably caused by the influx of a large number of fans following the publication of the new material.

Hoping that the bug is fixed as soon as possible, you can vent your frustration with a recently introduced new emote (very context-sensitive).

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