Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, what time does the closed beta start on PS4?

Today the closed beta of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare kicks off, available for two days only to those who have pre-ordered.

During the weekend and therefore for another two days (14-16 September) it will then be open to all PlayStation 4 owners, before reserving another weekend (19-21 September) also at Xbox One and PC .

But what time will the closed beta be available on PS4?

Activision and Infinity Ward have confirmed that this preliminary Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer game will see its servers open at 7:00 pm.

If everything goes as planned, then, you will have the opportunity to enter the game and get a taste of the game within an hour, and stay there for a total of four days.

The final release of the title is instead scheduled for October 25.

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