Call of Duty: Black Ops V in the Cold War, will it include the Vietnam and Korea wars?

According to a rumor circulated by the well-informed insider LongSensation, who had anticipated the soft reboot of Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops V will be set in the Cold War.

The 2020 CoD, we take it for granted now, will again be a Black Ops since Activision would once again turn to Treyarch after the technical problems encountered by Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software for their chapter.

Right now, says LongSensation, the name of the game is being decided, between Call of Duty: Black Ops V and Call of Duty: Smooth Black Ops, which would give the idea even in this case of a soft reboot.

In addition, we learn that the chosen historical period would be the Cold War period, with several theaters of war to engage in, including the Vietnam War and the Korean War.

Finally, the title would be even more crude and violent than Modern Warfare, which is already focusing a lot on the realism and drama of contemporary military operations.

Would you like such choices or would you bet on something else for the next episode of the saga shooter? Tell us your comments.

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