Bloodborne, which is the toughest boss? The players chose it

Bloodborne is one of the most loved soulslike ever, considering also that fans have been waiting for years for a sequel or a remastered, which to date unfortunately it still does not arrive.

Without detracting from equally valid titles such as Sekiro Shadows Die Twice , the epic of Yharnam is a truly memorable game, also and above all for the amount of boss present.

And if the rumors about a remastered or remake for PS5, as well as a real sequel to the FromSoftware title, are waiting, fans have now found a way to pass the wait.

Also awaiting the release of the free PSOne version of Bloodborne , the most difficult bosses to beat in the adventure have now been decreed.

Via Reddit , the user “mijaukanje” has in fact asked the community which are according to them the most difficult enemies and who have made them swear the most in front of the screen (not to use more colorful words).

The first name to come out is that of Laurence , so much so that over 50 deaths are witnessed before being able to beat him once and for all.

It is then also mentioned Orphan of Kos , with a second phase of the clash considered “crazy” in all respects. Less tough was Maria , beaten in fact on the first attempt by the author of the post.

Honorable mention for Ludwig , so much so that the same “mijaukanje” has repeatedly wondered how and in what way he would have managed to overcome that particular passage of the game.

Other users in response report particular problems with Gascoigne, Rom – the Vacuous Spider and Gerhman .

Still talking about really tough opponents, someone created a small work of art by creating a LEGO version of Vicar Amelia.

While bosses are what fans love least about Bloodborne , when the soulslike unites with the Final Fantasy artist all thoughts go away in a moment.

For true enthusiasts, we also recommend taking a look at the Bloodborne board game, which embodies the essence of the FromSoftware title.

If you prefer to play the legendary soulslike in its only version currently available, on Amazon Italy you can buy Bloodborne at an unbeatable price.

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