Bloodborne seems too easy when played this way

Soulslike have long been recognized as very complex titles, and Bloodborne is probably one of the most challenging.

From Software’s gothic title has captivated countless players, both for its exhilarating gameplay and for its unique setting.

On the subject of difficulty, Hidetaka Miyazaki recently spoke, finally revealing why the titles of his software house are so difficult.

A type of challenge that has also inspired other development studies , such as Lies of P which is very similar to Bloodborne for aesthetics and gameplay.

Titles like Bloodborne bring out the best in players , both from a technical point of view and from the point of view of the effort to create your perfect build.

The exploits of Dark Souls players who try to break the game in every way are now legend, and what we tell you today on Bloodborne is no different.

A boss fight so absurd has appeared on Reddit that it almost makes From Software’s title much simpler than it is, on the surface.

The hunter you see in the video below manages to kill Rom, the Dull Spider , so fast that the creature can’t teleport.

Killing rom without letting her escape NG + 6 from bloodborne

How did this Bloodborne player keep the second phase of the boss fight from starting at all? The answer is: with a lot of effort .

The player built his build with 99 on Arcano to make the Tonitrus weapon powerful, at his New Game + 6 . Also, attack the spider’s head first to raise the level of Beasthood, which is affected by consecutive hits: this way, it does more physical damage.

A boss fight that dwarfs the ranking of the most difficult bosses drawn up by the players themselves, which after scenes like this needs to be updated.

In a game where even elevators can be lethal, you can really expect anything anyway.

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