Bloodborne: boom of donations for the board game

There are certainties in life. The one we all die of, the one that the sun sets in the west and the one that people strongly wanted the Bloodborne board game . Proof of this is the fact that the Kickstarter campaign launched to fund it not only ended successfully, but with huge success .

The authors of the adaptation of the title of From Software, which should arrive at May 2020 , had requested $ 200,000 to support their project: the result is that they were given $ 4,013,731, from 23.986 different people. An impressive figure, which measures how people were interested in the idea of ​​this product.

The Bloodborne board game, which will be faithful to the dark atmosphere of the videogame counterpart, will be designed by Michael Shinall and Eric M. Lang. It will be possible to play from 1 to 4 players, called to explore the city of Yharnam and fight against wild beasts, monsters and other hostile creatures.

Are you among those who supported the Kickstarter campaign for this adaptation of the PS4 exclusive? How curious are you to get your hands on the board game?

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