Bloodborne, Beast Cleric shortcut restored

A modder has restored the Beast Cleric shortcut to Bloodborne , who had lost it in the cutting of content ahead of the original launch.

Bloodborne remains beloved by PlayStation users, and the community’s work around the game only proves it.

There are also PC gamers who are devouring it, though, not thanks to the infamous remaster as to PlayStation Now.

Also because the rumored remaster has now become a meme, to the point of encouraging fans to create a rumor generator.

While joking and chatting about the future of Bloodborne , meanwhile, there are those who roll up their sleeves to enrich the original game.

User Garden of Eyes has been busy making a new mod for the PS4 exclusive, reintroducing some cut content.

In particular, this new mod restores the door with which you can access a shortcut near the Cleric Beast.

This shortcut connects Central Yharnam and the Cathedral district , saving players a lot of travel.

This door does not work in the original game , since there is some kind of invisible barrier that prevents players from entering it.

As WCCFTech reports, the modder used some discarded assets left in the game code in order to reconstruct the passage.

The process required the editing of collisions, map files and area scripts so as to allow it to load properly.

The mod itself is ready but, explains the modder, it will take a bit more refinement to ensure that the area is loaded with the appropriate speed.

This is not the only recently released unofficial patch for Bloodborne : the 60fps mod on PS4 Pro and PS5 had given hope for an official fix at least for the next console- gen.

After all, the cut contents are so many and they keep being discovered all the time, as in the case of this terrifying boss.

And who knows, sooner or later, the community’s wishes will not be fulfilled with a flesh-and-blood Bloodborne 2 .

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