Bloodborne also forgotten in Astro Bot, and fans are furious

Bloodborne fans are even more irritated after Sony, once again, failed to provide any information on the existence of the soulslike’s return during last night’s State of Play.\r\nBut not only that: the recent Astro Bot trailer , shown again in the last few hours, gave fans the biggest blow they could receive.\r\nDeveloped by Sony’s Team Asobi, Astro Bot is the successor to the 2018 VR game, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, and the launch title of 2020’s PS5, Astro’s Playroom, designed to take advantage of the haptic feedback of the console’s DualSense controller.\r\nThe friendly robot now returns in a platformer that will let us explore a vibrant and interactive world that Sony has filled with Easter Eggs from other IPs exclusives.\r\nSince Astro’s adventures are a PlayStation exclusive, the developers have included many references to other flagship franchises, including Aloy from the Horizon series, Kratos from God of War and even Nathan Drake from Uncharted.ù\r \n\n \n \n \n \n This content is hosted on an external platform. To view it, you must accept cookies –\n\n\n\r\nAstro’s Playroom includes a subtle nod to the Bloodborne protagonist, showing an Astro bot wearing a hunting hat while wielding an axe. \r\nAfter the Astro Bot trailer didn’t include any references to Bloodborne, fans wasted no time in expressing their disappointment by discussing the aforementioned Easter Egg (via DualShochers).\r\n”This is torture at this period…”, we read, underlining that “we will have grandchildren before we have Bloodborne on PC, damn Sony”.\r\nHowever, there are those who are optimistic and are keeping their fingers crossed for 2025, when Bloodborne will turn 10 years.\r\nIn the meantime, catch up on all the announcements from last night’s State of Play by clicking on this address.\r\nBut not only that: at the end of the fair, how was the State of Play for you? Tell us in our dedicated survey that you can find on the Gameshift pages.

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