Blade Runner 2049 inspires a new action adventure: the first trailer

ExeKiller is a new first-person action adventure inspired by the aesthetics of Blade Runner 2049 , the sequel to the acclaimed sci-fi film.

Blade Runner 2049 bears the signature of Denis Villeneuve and, a few years after his arrival in cinemas, has had an important influence on this new project.

Science fiction and cyberpunk video games are certainly not lacking lately, with Cyberpunk 2077 leading the way in recent times.

We also saw a mix between CD Projekt’s RPG shooter and GTA , which has garnered followers among fans.

ExeKiller is set in an alternate New York in 1998 , where a cataclysmic event called the Great Fire Disaster killed 70% of the humanity.

We will play as an ExeKiller , whose job is to collect vital S.O.U.L.S. chips from outlaws and deliver them in exchange for bounties.

We will be able to choose how to solve the hunt for each target, killing them, bringing them to justice or freeing them.

Basically, the game will be a shooter but other mechanics will be integrated into the gameplay, such as stealth and a dialogue system.

The aesthetic inspiration of Blade Runner 2049 is evident but so will the “technical” one, with dynamics that will include flying cars, post-apocalyptic scenarios close to westerns, dark skis -fi and retro-futurism.

ExeKiller bears the signature of the indie Paradark Studio , of which it will be the first work, so it is good to keep expectations under control in terms of quality.

The launch is only scheduled on PC for the moment and on Steam it is already possible to add it to the wishlist, although no commitments have been made on the release date.

Of course, there is no lack of competition in the sci-fi and cyberpunk field, especially with an RPG inclination.

Don’t forget the same Blade Runner , official video game from the original film, recently re-released for PC.

But what was Blade Runner 2049 like, which inspired the new ExeKiller from a pure art perspective? Take a look at our review to find out.

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