BioShock 4 could make fans of the first chapter happy

BioShock 4 is one of those titles that have disappeared from circulation, since there is currently no official information on the title. However, the latest rumors that have emerged in these hours will surely delight fans of the first chapter .

After the success of the saga (which you can also find on Amazon at a very interesting price), many are clamoring for its return, precisely with a fourth official chapter.

From the little information available to us, the next chapter should be called BioShock Isolation , although the setting and characters of this new adventure are currently unknown.

Now, while fans are also waiting for the official Netflix movie, there’s a rumor about BioShock 4 really very interesting, concerning its main setting .

As also reported by ComicBook , a new rumor has revealed that the next title of the series may have a rather important connection with the original game of the franchise.

At the moment, 2K itself hasn’t revealed anything special about BioShock 4, except that it will be developed by the Cloud studio Chamber .

OopsLeaks claims that the game will take place in Antarctica and that in this new setting there will be many “refugees” who they had previously escaped from Rapture , the city of the original BioShock .

If this were confirmed, it would mean that BioShock 4 will be directly linked to the original game in a fairly obvious and unambiguous way .

But not only: speaking of the reveal and the eventual release of the game, OopsLeaks suggested that the development of BioShock 4 was slower than the expected due to the turnover within the Cloud Chamber.

2K would absolutely not feel the need to rush the project and will release it only when it is of sufficient quality, even if a reveal could take place by the end of 2022 .

Speaking of which, have you also seen BioShock 3D , a 2010 port of the original game developed by Studio Tridev – part of Indiagames – for mobile?

But that’s not all: after an initial announcement that arrived several months ago, the BioShock film has finally started to take its first major steps.

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