“Big” Bluepoint title in development for PS5: is Demon’s Souls remake?

Sony has taken advantage of its official channels, namely the PlayStation Blog, and a Wired article for presenting new details on PS5 .

In the article of the well-known American portal, perhaps an unexpected one arrived, related to the next game on site at Bluepoint Games, the team behind the splendid remake of Shadow of the Colossus.

“We are working on a big one right now”, Marco Thrush, president of the software house, explained about the PS5 titles under development.

“I will leave you to imagine the rest”, he added, as if it were a matter of obviousness or something that has often been heard of before.

The fantasy of the fans was immediately diverted to a remake of Demon’s Souls , entirely feasible as Hidetaka Miyazaki of From Software gave his approval and the IP belongs to Sony.

Whatever this game may be, we now know that we can expect it for PS5, and who knows if it doesn’t come directly to the launch or at least not too far from the exit window as it was for another soulslike, the beloved Bloodborne.

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