Bethesda to PS5 fans: “Xbox is the new era of gaming”

Bethesda was the absolute protagonist of one of the most impressive market maneuvers in the history of video games, the one that brought it into Microsoft exclusively.

Also creating very particular paradoxes, because Deathloop is a Bethesda product but will be released in exclusive console on PlayStation 5 and PC.

When the company said goodbye to Sony, in a way, it declared it was ready to make better games under Microsoft’s leadership, infuriating all PlayStation fans .

A project, that of the acquisition , which did not take place suddenly but for which the Redmond company worked for many years before bringing it to term.

A move that brought problems to the software house which found itself a crowd of Enraged fans , those PlayStation, deprived of the company’s future games. And once again Pete Hines is absolutely proud of the choice, inviting PS5 players to come to terms with it.

From a Hines interview recorded at Gamescom by Gamespot , the man from Bethesda made several very interesting statements on the maneuver that involved the company, as well as its future.

Hines talked about Starfield , and how absurdly his appearance may not be impossible on PlayStation platforms :

« Starfield , has been announced as an Xbox exclusive . I don’t know if I’d be that bold to say you’re done playing stuff on PlayStation. But again, I don’t have that answer at the moment. ”

A very interesting point of the long interview concerns the future and the possibilities provided by cloud gaming . Basically the idea that video games are no longer linked to a platform, but that they can be played by everyone in different ways.

Pete Hines has declared himself a big fan of Phil Spencer’s philosophy , the idea of ​​going beyond the concept of consoles and looking at providing user services, which is the strength of the Game Pass for example:

«The whole concept of being an Xbox thing or a PlayStation thing, I’m not saying it’s outdated, but it’s 90-2000 years old. It’s a new era of gaming […] that’s why I’m so excited about Xbox, because we’re moving away from it all ».

In short, another very clear message to PS5 fans, who apparently will have to deal with it and accept the new course of events: Bethesda does not feel guilty.

At the time, Microsoft also echoed which, understandably, said very clearly that it was proud of the agreement obtained and did not feel guilty towards PS5 users.

We also talked about the affair in an article by our Paolo Sirio , with a very peremptory title: “Bethesda must not apologize to anyone”.

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