Bend Studio’s new IP will apparently be live-service

Bend Studio’s new IP is a live-service game, according to some evidence that has recently emerged.\r\nTheir latest product, Days Gone (you can find it on Amazon), was received rather well, managing to find the favor of a large number of players.\r\nThis, however, would not have been enough to convince Sony to finance a sequel, preferring instead to redirect Bend Studio towards the development of a new IP.\r\nNow, as also reported by GameRant, it seems that the team is ready to join the bandwagon of live-service games.\r\nAccording to a job posting from Bend Studio that recently surfaced online, the developer’s new IP will apparently be a live-service game. \r\nThe announcement, which concerns a lead project manager, explicitly mentions live-service games three times, both in the context of the daily responsibilities of the potential hire and in that of the required and preferable experiences of the ideal candidate.\r \nBend Studio therefore appears to have become part of Sony’s foray into the GaaS sector, which the Japanese gaming giant originally announced in early 2022.\r\nAside from the recent Helldivers 2 – which became a critical success and above all public against all odds – the canceled The Last of Us multiplayer game and Bungie’s upcoming Marathon reboot are not good signs. South Korean studio NCSoft is also said to be working on a Horizon MMO, which would have escaped the recent wave of layoffs that hit Sony and the entire video game industry.\r\nConnie Booth, head of internal production at Sony Interactive Entertainment, would leave the company at the end of 2023 due to disagreements on the strategy of conglomerate for live services.\r\nWe’ll see, as soon as Bend Studio raises the curtain on its new project, if the potential will manage to foil yet another hole in the water related to live-service titles.

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