Before Resident Evil 4 Remake, Leon goes back to the past thanks to Fortnite

Resident Evil 4 Remake is the game of the weekend, but Leon can go back to his first adventure for a moment thanks to Fortnite.

That bad night that we experienced again thanks to Resident Evil 2 Remake (which you can find on Amazon) within the Raccoon Police Department.

Fortnite had already hosted the characters of Resident Evil in the past, in one of the many collaborations made with the battle royale.

Recently Leon and Jill had their part in the battle royale, and someone decided to take the opportunity to give the blond agent a context.

A Reddit user, of course, who took advantage of the recent Fortnite news that has been introduced in terms of editing for recreate the Raccoon City Police Department.

Sliding Leon inside too, clearly, who before embarking on the launch weekend of Resident Evil 4 Remake you can make a nice flashback of the past.

I made some of the RPD from Resident Evil 2, Idk whether to do the whole building since creative 2 has just come out so someone could easily do it better than mine. So I thought I’d just show it off
by u/SympathyComplete9641 in residentevil

«I made part of the RPD for Resident Evil 2, I don’t know whether to do the whole building since Creative 2 just came out, so someone could easily do it better than mine. So I thought I’d put it on display.”

Despite being just a part of the charming zombie-infested city police department, the work done by the user is remarkable to say the least.

Also due to the great update of the new Creative mode of Fortnite which, with the new potential of Unreal Engine 5, can do really important things.

The same technology that allowed us to see Hellblade II in its new dazzling form, even if we can’t wait to just get our hands on it at this point.

We need to understand when such beauty will come out, given that Microsoft is very silent and, although Ninja Theory has promised news several times, there is still a lot of silence around Senua.

In the meantime, Leon continues to enjoy the weekend in one way or another, since Resident Evil 4 Remake debuted with a bang on Steam.

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