Bayonetta 3 will be less explicit, the nudity filter arrives for the first time

Bayonetta 3 has finally come out of the shadows, it has revealed itself, just like the protagonist witches of the game who use their own hair to cast spells.

Since the first chapter , which you can find on Amazon, sensuality has been a very important element of the Platinum Games saga.

A saga that has always based on aesthetics and sensuality , in both chapters which, according to Platinum Games, you will have to replay before Bayonetta 3 .

Which finally has a release date , revealed by some leaks and confirmed a few hours ago by Nintendo.

Bayonetta 3 will be available from 28 October 2022 and, for the first time, a nudity filter will be introduced to limit the sensuality of spells.

Some fans have wondered if, with the popularity of Nintendo Switch , the most extreme situations from a visual point of view could be limited in this new episode.

On the other hand, Nintendo has always its younger audience at heart , and for this reason Platinum Games has added the Naive Angel Mode (very apt name) .

«The witch is back and she’s sexier than ever» , Platinum Games says in one of her latest tweets, showing how this nudity filter works , which can be freely disabled at players’ liking.

Basically, whenever the witch undresses to be able to cast her spells through her hair … she doesn’t . She remains dressed, but there is no other cut on a visual level.

In this way, Platinum promises , every player will be able to “play directly in the living room without having to worry about what’s on the screen” .

This feature may make us smile or cause disdain in some of you, but putting us in the shoes of a very young player could be a way for him, and for his parents, to play Bayonetta 3 in peace.

And maybe even collect the new Funko Pops from Bayonetta without feeling too guilty about the subjects of the figurines.

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