Battlefield 2042, the new map pays homage to the other EA game that killed

The Battlefield 2042 debacle forced Electronic Arts to review its plans for many other IPs, such as Mirror’s Edge, which is now back in the new shooter content.

The peculiar saga action of Electronic Arts, whose last chapter you can find on Amazon, has in fact seen a not too decent end for now.

Mirror’s Edge is in fact a franchise officially on pause, because EA has pulled the plug on the saga.

As ​​Battlefield prepares to expand the brand in many other ways, even with single player experiences that will also be supported by DICE.

As Gamespot reports, in fact, if not others, there are those who still don’t want to forget Mirror’s Edge completely and condemn it to oblivion.

On the game’s newest map, Flashpoint, there is apparently an easter egg dedicated precisely to the very stylish action.

The Battlefield 2042 map was released alongside Season 4 on February 28, and after some intense exploration some players they found themselves faced with a clear reference to Mirror’s Edge.

Clear how difficult to find, as you can see from the video below:

On top of a crane are in fact Faith’s running shoes , the iconic red shoes that have been part of the outfit of the runner since her first appearance.

To locate the shoes, players will need to command a plane and fly to the large hole built into the ground where a crane can be seen hovering above it. After jumping from the plane, players should be able to land safely on top of the crane where Faith’s shoes are.

Cold consolation for Mirror’s Edge which, unlike Battlefield, doesn’t have a rosy future ahead of it.

There are many projects that Electronic Arts has in store for its war franchise, many of which had been anticipated some time ago in a very long note.

While others, however, continue to fall one after the other.

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