Battlefield 2042, the gameplay preview: this is what EA showed us

Battlefield 2042 exhibited its gameplay at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase event, and we can finally tell you about it after seeing a presentation at closed doors several days ago.

The new chapter of the DICE and EA series was at the center of an event we attended shortly before the official reveal.

While we first talked about the game itself, with details on managing the live service component, maps and vehicles, now we can focus on the actual gameplay.

The huge map structure has been retained as the premise of this gameplay, set for the first time in Qatar.

At the center of the exhibition was the Hourglass map, set in Doha, Qatar , a very hot … and sandy location.

The Battlefield 2042 gameplay shown today is from a pre-alpha so everything we’ve seen is subject to change (hopefully for the better).

The map has several points of attention that will see us battle for victory in the Conquest and Breakthrough modes.

In a scenario worthy of Spec Ops The Line , not surprisingly also set in those parts, we will have a menacing wall of sand that will gradually invade the landscape , disrupting it dramatically during matches.

On the one hand we will have a colossal stadium on the sides of a freeway full of cars abandoned due to the after-effects of the climate crisis and refugees “told” in the title.

On the other hand, at the end of the freeway along which an armored car convoy will move, there will be a cluster of buildings.

Each portion of the map can be freely explored and it will be up to us to decide where to go to conduct the fight.

In gameplay, we were able to appreciate a frenetic urban warfare , which culminated in a confrontation that saw players navigating between buildings with dramatically reduced visibility from the red sandstorm.

In the video, we were able to see players descend from a helicopter driven by a player and which can be shot down before other users set foot on the ground.

You will be able to move around by vehicle and on foot , although the latter solution is not too recommended due to the enormous size of Hourglass.

However, you can go up to the buildings with lifts, and along the way we will have a moment of calm to use the Plus System and touch up our paraphernalia while running.

Climbed up to the rooftops , we will see how the skyscrapers are connected by ziplines, so we can quickly move between them and change the scenario of the battle.

It will of course be possible to launch from unimaginable heights with a wingsuit, thus returning to the heart of the urban battle for the conquest of the city.

In summary, this show was made possible by the new generation of the Frostbite engine, which powers the 128-player All-Out Warfare experience.

All-Out Warfare is just one of three experiences, with a second that will be presented at EA Play Live (and will be a love letter to historical fans of the saga) and one, called Hazard Zone, close to the October launch.

None of these modes will be a battle royale, DICE assures us, but there has been an opening for free-to-play content.

A diametrically opposite strategy to that of Call of Duty , which will soon be relaunching with a new season of Warzone .

Battlefield 2042 will be operated as a live service, which will be based on a four season first year with new locations and operators; there will be a paid Battle Pass but this it will only have an impact on the aesthetic dimension of the title.

There will be several steps that will accompany the game at launch, including a first playable build (under strict NDA) by users identified as Battlefield veterans.

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