Batman Forever dusted off by Digital Foundry: a missed classic?

It was 1995 and the then famous Acclaim released the tie-in of Batman Forever , a scrolling fighting game based on the film of the same name with Val Kilmer and Jim Carrey .

The game was a hybrid between Mortal Kombat and Streets of Rage , with the Super NES versions, Genesis and Game Boy always developed by internal studies in Acclaim. The Game Gear and PC editions were made by Probe Entertainment.

Now, the guys at Digital Foundry have decided to eviscerate this little “classic” of the past, remembered by many as a not exactly perfect game (not to say rather ugly). Will it be appropriate to reevaluate it?

In your opinion it is a misunderstood game, or in all respects it is one of the ugliest titles dedicated to the Dark Knight ever (we vote for the second hypothesis).

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