Baldur’s Gate 3 has a touching tribute to a player’s father

2023 was the year of Baldur’s Gate 3, the masterpiece that relaunched the genre of classic turn-based role-playing games, although apparently the game also includes a truly touching homage.\r\nThe last chapter of Baldur’s Gate (you can find many dedicated gadgets on Amazon) has in fact an avalanche of Easter Eggs on its side.\r\nThe game, which won two awards at the Steam Awards, including the coveted Game of the Year, however, seems not to have finished his list of references.\r\nAs also reported by VG247, Baldur’s Gate 3 features an NPC who, it turns out, is actually a touching tribute to the father of a fan suffering from Alzheimer’s.\r\nIn 2020, when Baldur’s Gate 3 was still in early access, a user named Solfalia opened a thread on the developer Larian’s forum thanking him for releasing the first act of the game.\r\nAs Solfalia explained in the post, their father made them passionate about the franchise since as children, having played “many hours of Baldur’s Gate 2” together.\r\nThe two were looking forward to playing Baldur’s Gate 3, but unfortunately Solfalia’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, which means that Christmas they wouldn’t have been able to play together.\r\nNow, three years later, Solfalia recently shared a new post in the forums thanking Larian for a different reason.\r\nThe user explained that he had received an email from one of the writers from Larian (who decided to remain anonymous), to ask him if he would be open to including something in the game to honor his father.\r\n«Of course I accepted and we discussed some details about my father via email. I told him the following Christmas, because I wanted to make sure he knew before the disease progressed too far, and he was so happy that he asked me to send a thank you to the team, complete with a photo of his smiling face.”\ r\nThis particular NPC is called Golbraith Stredivas, a \

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