Baldur’s Gate 3, a very macabre cut ending discovered

Just as can happen in a D&D campaign, Baldur’s Gate 3 allows its players to interpret their character as they see fit, even following their darkest impulses if necessary.\r\nLarian Studios has also decided to offer them a way unique opportunity to experience the campaign of the third chapter of the saga (you can find the first two episodes on Amazon), offering a unique and totally customizable Origin protagonist.\r\nWe are naturally referring to The Dark Urge, a custom character who will find himself forced to fight against his darkest impulses. Or even indulge them, based on how you choose to interpret it.\r\nThis also allows you to experience the Baldur’s Gate 3 campaign with unique choices and endings: one of these, as reported by TheGamer, was supposed to prove particularly macabre, but in the end Larian Studios decided to cut it.\r\nHowever, fans managed to recover the audio files linked to this conclusion, which you can listen to in the video that we will propose below. Obviously, we warn you that from this moment on you will find huge spoilers about the narrative background of this fascinating and dark character.\r\n\r\nAs fans surely know, there is a reason why The Dark Urge has so much desire of carnage: it is in fact revealed that his father is Bhaal, the God of murder.\r\nIn the Baldur’s Gate 3 campaign, we will have the possibility to definitively rebel and start a redemption of The Dark Urge, or whether to follow in full all his will.\r\nAlternatively, however, Larian Studios had thought of an alternative, much more macabre option: our character could have disappointed Bhaal so much that he no longer had any independent thoughts, being simply reduced to a simple tool to generate new heirs.\r\nEverything is described in detail – and plausibly, it was also planned to show several of these details – and it is easy to understand why the developers could have thought that perhaps it was definitely too much, even for those who know how to expect implications dark from such a campaign.\r\nSticking on the topic of hidden secrets, a fan discovered a very interesting detail after 400 hours of play. And we advise you to pay attention to it for your next adventure.\r\nAccording to reports from some users, it seems that the latest patch has created a few too many problems for the PS5 version: we hope that it will be resolved as soon as possible, especially considering the the imminent launch of the physical versions.

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