Atomic Heart, Ukraine calls for its ban: “it finances the war”

Atomic Heart is a title that brings with it complicated discussions not related to purely videogame aspects, and for this reason Ukraine is asking for it to be banned.

The title inspired by Bioshock which is available today (you can also find it on Amazon) has gathered a series of accuses and unedifying stories over the years.

Since its announcement, dated 4 years ago, background stories have emerged which, especially today after the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine triggered by Russia, cause even more discussion.

And while the title is finally available, with a field test that fully convinced us (here find the review), comes the reaction of Ukraine to the publication of the Russian title.

Atomic Heart would have been developed, according to allegations that have received a lot of support but no official confirmation, with the economic support of Gazprom and pro-state companies Russian.

Reality that has always been at the center of very important national and international disputes, now with accusations of this kind in the current historical moment they take on even more intense shadows.

Mundfish, developer behind Atomic Heart, is formally based in Cyprus but team members are predominantly Russian . In this situation, Ukraine has asked all major realities to ban Atomic Heart.

In the original statement, reported by Dev.UA, the Ministry of Digital Development of Ukraine asks Sony, Microsoft and Valve to eliminate digital versions of Atomic Heart from their territory.

Oleksandr Bornyakov, Deputy Minister for Digital Transformation, announced it in a comment:

“We also ask that you limit the distribution of this game in other countries due to its toxicity, the potential collection of information about user data and the ability to transfer it to third parties in Russia, as well as the potential use of money collected from purchases play the game to wage war against Ukraine.»

This statement by the deputy minister is reinforced precisely by the media reports that we have mentioned, which over the years have reported an alleged involvement of Russian companies and banks that have been subjected to sanctions , and of paramount importance to the Russian government.

Bornyakov also invites the Western public to reflect on the fact that Mundfish has not issued any public statement condemning “the actions of Putin’s regime and of the bloody war that Russia has unleashed against the Ukraine”.

A situation that is certainly very complex, for which we will not fail to update you if there is any news.

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