Are you hungry for Runes in Elden Ring? This map will help you

Elden Ring , the game by Hidetaka Miyazaki and FromSoftware now known also to the stones is a difficult game but able to reward properly the players: here, in fact, a game map now reveals the Runes to be obtained for each boss .

Some fans of the latest title from the creators of Dark Souls (which you can find on Amazon at a very high price) have in fact created a very interesting ‘help’ for players.

So, while fans still seem to like the much-acclaimed Easy Mode, now it’s easier to get hold of the runes of the most difficult monsters to take down.

As also reported by The Gamer , a map will help players who are not sure where and how to get the rewards of the game.

The user Reddit ‘Not_Quite_Vertical’ shared a map showing both location and reward in Rune for each Elden Ring boss.

After all, it is possible to use it as a sort of ideal path for how and when to face the various bosses, since the ones that offer the most Runes tend to be the ones of higher level and difficulty.

The rewards range from just 800 Runes to a whopping 480,000 , enough for an entire level once you reach the end-game.

It would be difficult to kill all the bosses in ascending order based on the reward in Rune, considering also that many of them are scattered around the map (the mini-bosses in particular offer various rewards also in the mid and late-game).

This map shows the rune rewards for each boss – it can be used as a (very crude!) gauge for the strength of each boss and as a guide for which area to explore next from Eldenring

Sure, many of you will love to print this very special map, so you can get an idea of ​​which way to go (and maybe avoid dying too soon ).

Staying on the subject, have you read that the player ‘Let me solo her’ has decided to help as many people as possible to beat Malenia, although she did it after more than 240 times?

But that’s not all: another soulslike fan has decided to transform the From title into an isometric RPG, for an incredible result.

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