Are Dark Souls bosses good to eat? Someone really asked this

Dark Souls is one of the most popular games of recent times, one of those titles that have made school and continue to thrill thousands of players.

Given its decidedly cryptic nature, the work of FromSoftware (which you can find on Amazon at a great price) has sparked numerous discussions and conjectures in the community, which has begun to observe even the smallest details of the game with expertise.

Now, however, things are going a little further, and fans are starting to engage in discussions on highly controversial topics.

If a few days ago someone thought it well to draw up a ranking of the characters of Dark Souls who stink more, now on Reddit there are those who have imagined which would be the best bosses to eat .

User Soulas0 says he is not a professional chef and, inspired by the Youtube channel Mythical Kitchen, posted a series of ways to cook and then enjoy some of the most famous bosses of the first Souls , all based on their “degree of goodness”.

The list shows in the first position the Butterfly of the Moon , which according to the ‘user would be perfect for making a good salad, then we have the Goat Demon which would probably taste like… goat.

Next we find Seath the Senzascaglie , which according to the player would be the best to cook due to the multitude of different dishes that could be obtained.

It is also mentioned Gwyn, Lord of the Embers which, according to Soulas0, is simple because in practice it cooked itself, and from it you can make a tasty sauce .

Top 5 Dark Souls bosses I would eat and how I would eat them from darksouls

As you can see, the post is really full of details, so if you want to know more about these weird (and perhaps a little grotesque) recipes, you just have to read the details.

Also, it looks like the mysterious server story of Dark Souls is coming to an end, much to the delight of all fans.

Finally, in Elden Ring a feature taken from the Souls has been cut, here is which one.

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