Apex Legends will also arrive on other platforms in 2020

EA is preparing to plan the future of Apex Legends , its popular battle royale signed by Respawn Entertainment. As reported by market analyst Daniel Ahmad, in fact, during the meeting with investors a few hours ago, EA has ensured that the game will also arrive on other platforms in the course of 2020 .

The “additional platforms” have not been specified, but the options are not many. The first, is the possible landing on Nintendo Switch – considering that, in the same meeting, reports Ahmad, the publisher also said he was happy with the success of the console and interested in bringing his other titles on it , although the fact that the biggest games on the market are those produced by Nintendo itself is a factor that EA does not underestimate.

The second is the most obvious landing also on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X , the two next generation consoles which are both expected by the end of 2020. In this case, EA would guarantee continuity to its Apex Legends , allowing players who prefer to move to the new consoles.

We will see which EA “new platforms” specifically referred to in front of its investors. Meanwhile, we remind you that Apex Legends is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, ready for next season’s news.

Source: Daniel Ahmad

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