Anthem: new details on open-world, progression and checkpoint

Anthem executive producer Mark Darrah answered a series of questions asked by fans on Twitter, so much so that today he decided to reveal a new series of interesting information on the BioWare game.

First of all, we learn that in the current build of the Flight game it can be turned on or off simply by pressing a button. The ability to do particular maneuvers will depend on the Javelin we will be using at that precise moment.

But not only that: we can meet casual players in the game world, although at the moment there are four in every single adventure. This means that if we undertake missions with three of our friends, we will not meet anyone else. Players “can carry out story missions on their own without meeting other people if they wish.” During the adventure, there will be checkpoints where the team can be recovered in case it was eliminated.

Finally, a photo mode is not planned at the moment, although Darrah does not exclude it for the future, while talking about the progression, even after reaching the maximum level, “there will always be a reason to gain experience points”.

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