Anthem: Fort Tarsis, you can run in the full game

Those who have tried the Anthem VIP demo over the weekend know that moving around Fort Tarsis can be a bit irritating.

This is because in the demo version It has been made impossible to run for the setting, which acts as a hub where the game’s story is carried forward.

In any case, as revealed by BioWare general manager Casey Hudson, the option for sprint will be introduced in the full title.

Or, better, it will be reintroduced, since “there was a running speed, and then for some reason it was kept out of the game for when that particular build was made “.

Hudson reassured the fans, however, explaining that ” will return to the full game anyway “, also thanks to the feedback who complained about his absence.

Did you know that BioWare is already working on a new region, as part of the post-launch plans after February 22 for Anthem?

Source: GamesRadar

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